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Amit & Niyati Destination Wedding, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Cancun, Mexico.

Our first destination Indian wedding features the gorgeous couple Niyati and Amit.  Set on the sunny beaches of Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Cancun Mexico.

Just like walking into a magnificent mansion, we were both overwhelmed with thousands of location opportunities thrown at us straight from the get-go.  Luckily one thing was familiar- abundance of light.  Spanning three days which is typical of an Indian wedding, it was truly a joy to take part in all festivities.  The lights, the warm breeze in the midst of gloomy Cleveland November, the Vitaliy’s all-time favorite: Indian food… Everything was just like in a fairy tale.  We are really happy to be gifted an opportunity to deliver these outstanding results, enjoy you guys!

01 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun02 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun03 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun04 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun05 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun06 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun07 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun08 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun09 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun10 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun11 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun13 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun12 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun14 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun15 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun16 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun17 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun18 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun19 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun20 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun21 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun22 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun23 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun24 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun25 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun26 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun27 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun28 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun29 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun30 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun31 _Amit Niyati_Wedding_Cancun

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