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Alex and Lexy get married

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Bride and groom stand next to the concrete bridge in downtown Cleveland, oh

Alex and Lexy love our city. All of the photos were captured in various places around Downtown Cleveland. My favorite part of this wedding album is all the bridges that we visited to capture love with stunning architectural backdrops. With both ceremony and reception taking place at Windows on The River in Cleveland OH this wedding was planned to provide comfort and convenience for the guests.

Groom is getting ready at the hotel in the morning of the wedding, the bride and her mom and her little boy are also on this page of the wedding album.
If I had to have only one shot of the groom, I'd definitely do that "Superman" shot.

The bride is laying on the bench with her purse in hand in the hallway of a hotel in Cleveland.
As we walked through the hotel I noticed this creative opportunity and had Lexy take a breather on this bench.

Bride approaches the groom for first look on the wedding day.
Look at these priceless images of the reveal, we took these in the back of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist on E. 9th St in Cleveland

The couple kisses in the archway of Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
I found an archway to complete our story from the reveal.

Bride and groom walk down the red draw bridge in Cleveland on a sunny day
We then visited the Center Street Bridge to capture some strolling shots of the couple.

Group shot of bridal party on the Carter Road Bridge in Cleveland, OH
I enjoy having all bridesmaids wearing different colors, I think it makes for a spectacular look with plenty of personalization.

All groomsmen and groom sit on the staircase of CLE
A shot of all groomsmen sitting on the stairs is certainly more interesting than having them line up.

Bridesmaids and the bride line up for a portrait on the bridge in Cleveland, OH. They are all wearing different colored dresses and holding flowers.
Carter Road Bridge makes a spectacular backdrop for bridal party shots. The blue color compliments tonality of the skin nicely.

Bride holds groom from behind as she's about to whisper something to him.  He is looking towards her with a smile.
Now that we got all of the images of bridal party out of the way we get to work with the bride and groom a little.

Groom in blue tux dips the bride as they are about to kiss, they are looking at each others lips with greenery in the background
We finish the simple story of Alex and Lexy's love for each other with this dip kiss. I like the moments before and after the kiss more than the actual kiss.

Father of the bride walks her down the aisle at this Jewish ceremony.  On this collage are also the flower girl walking the wagon with ring bearers.
You can experience all the excitement in her eyes as she is walked down the aisle by her dad.

Dad hugs his girl as she's about to marry her beloved man, then the bride and groom kiss in this wedding album page.
Because you truly have the full control of your album we can have just two shots of your ceremony, maybe that's not your favorite part of the day. I had couples leave the ceremony out altogether.

Family group shot after the wedding ceremony, there are two little boys in it.
I have many ways to position the families for group shots, but amongst my favorites is to keep all couples together.

The bride and groom hold their little boy in a group shot as they all smile
That little boy is truly the center of the show on this one.

Detail shots of the Bridge View Room of Windows on The River wedding venue in downtown cleveland, also a shot of the bride and groom cutting the cake on an album page.
Details are such a great album enhancers- if captured properly. Notice we just have one shot of the cake cutting as well, but it tells the story.

Bride and groom dancing, then the father of the bride dances with his daughter in this collage.
I love capturing dances to these industrial backdrops. Notice the uplighting makes this venue truly shine.

Mother dances with the groom.
The mother-son dance.

Bride and groom kiss after their dance in Bridge View Room of Windows on The River venue of CLE
We finish up the wedding with this gorgeous kiss that followed the bridal dance.

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