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This summer wedding has beautiful vibes

Title image of the blog post with the couples names reading "Christopher & Sarah August 19 2016" They are standing next to Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills, OH

With the ceremony at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and beautiful shots at Squires Castle Christopher and Sarah got amazing wedding album. These are pages straight from their actual book, enjoy!

Bride get's her necklace put on by her mother and then stands by the wall for a portrait at her parents home in Macedonia OH
I love having a little bit of sentiment in these morning preparations. We don't need much sophistication here.

Father daughter reveal at their home they see each other and hug, followed by a portrait at their home
The man this girl calls father is the first to see the bride fully prepared.

Groom walks with groomsmen in the backyard of his fathers home.  They are all wearing gray suits while he's dressed in black

Individual shots of the groom with each groomsman on an album page

groom with his father and mother in the backyard of their home on the morning of the wedding day
That "moooooom, not in front of the camera" look :)

Groom's side of the family in a large portrait in the backyard of their Sagamore Hills, OH home
This is one big happy family here.

bridal party walk-ins at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the groom reacts to the bride walking in
If your close ones are in the wedding, have all of their walk-ins featured in the wedding album. BTW, that look on Christophers face is him reacting to his beloved girl being walked by her father.

Father walks his daughter down the aisle during the wedding ceremony at a church in Cleveland, OH
Just look at this girl. Head over heels in love with that lucky guy that's looking at her now.

Wedding ceremony at the church in Cleveland, the rings are being exchanged

The couple kisses and walks out the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church with a beautiful mural in the background.
Now you gotta admit, that's a hell of a kiss right there! But look at the excitement that follows!

Newlyweds walk out of the church to bubbles and applause.  Beautiful sunny day as they raise their hands in laughter

Group shot of guests surrounding the bride and groom at their Cleveland wedding
Whenever I see a shot like this I immediately recall climbing up on the limo bus. These shots are hard to get otherwise.

Group shot of bride with bridesmaids holding white hydrangeas and wearing navy blue dresses.
Love it when girls bunch up like this

Bride with each bridesmaid in the greenery of Squires Castle at Willoughby Hills, OH
We caught up with individual bridesmaid shots at Squires Castle

Bride and groom walk down the parkway in Cleveland Ohio
Choosing only a few of these shots in the wedding album, I believe it's the right thing to do because we feature them nice and large.

The man spins his wife at the Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio

The first dance of the bride and groom, they kiss at the reception hall in Mentor OH

Father daughter and mother son dances at the reception hall decorated with lights

The wedding cake is being cut by the groom and bride at their Cleveland wedding reception

Bride and groom feeding each other with the wedding muffin and their family toasts them in wedding album page

last shot of the wedding day where bride and groom look each other in the eyes with string lights in the background at their reception hall in Mentor Ohio

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