About Vitaliy Photography

Vitaliy Pysmennyy, the owner of Vitaliy Photography LLC


My name is Vitaliy.  Cleveland is my home.


Past 14 years of my life have been devoted entirely to capturing weddings.  After hundreds of experiences with so many couples I have become the master of my craft.


Now that formal introduction is over, about me.  I am just another guy with a camera, what makes me a wedding photographer is my ability to communicate with couples and understand their chemistry.  I believe anyone can click, but not everyone can create something worth capturing.


Join me on this journey, I promise to exceed your expectations.  Your wedding photography experience will be easy and seamless.  I will read your cues and fill in any gaps- this is what I have been doing for more than a decade.


Hey there, my name is Vlad.  All of the cinematic work that you see here was performed by me.  I have dedicated my entire life to capturing and producing content that keeps everyone watching, laughing, and crying.  As we work in tandem with Vitaliy, I promise that you'll not only witness a duo in action, but you'll also become part of action.  I am available for documentary videography as well as cinematography.  My favorite thing to do for newlyweds is same day edit where I show video from your entire day at the wedding reception.

Vlad Opara, the owner of videography portion of Vitaliy Photography LLC