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Cleveland Indian Wedding Photographer

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Vitaliy Photography has been delivering rich experiences to Indian couples here in Cleveland, OH and beyond.  Whether it's a Sikh wedding in New Jersey a shoot in New York City, a Hindu wedding in Vancouver, BC or a destination wedding in Cancun I delivered the same high standard of refined imaging experience.  My ability to be thorough enough to please the parents, Bollywood enough to surprise the clients and party enough to dance with guests makes it an obvious choice to book me for your Indian wedding in Cleveland and beyond.  

Both Photography and Videography get special discounts for the multi-day Indian weddings.  You don't have to worry about us missing the Sangeet, Milni or Baraat because we have special packages for Indian weddings that cover the long hours and multiple days.

Raving reviews from Indian couples


The Story of My Indian Journey

Somewhere in the 80's a child sat in front of a TV in the post-soviet country of Ukraine.  That child only watched what played on the TV screen.  Television was still very much regulated by USSR policies so only Indian and Chinese programming was allowed to be played.  That child fell in love with people that wore pretty colorful clothes and had little red dots on the foreheads.  He wanted to meet these people that sang uplifting songs about innocent things but that was just a dream for him.  Then one day, he came to America and his most vivid dreams started to come true.  He yielded to the passion that he had for people and became a photographer and as he did, naturally people from eastern culture gravitated towards him.  That boy is me, and my Indian clients mean world to me.  It's not just culture, it's not just childhood dreams, it's just that we click so naturally.

We were lucky to have met Vitaly Photography during our hunt for a wedding photographer! We enjoyed taking pictures with him and he was so good at getting us to relax and have fun! It was the perfect way to make us feel more natural and capture more candid pictures. He was easy to communicate with and edit photos for albums. We have a beautiful metal print that we have hanging up in our home and everyone always admires that photo. We added the extra challenge of being one of his first Indian weddings and he excelled in capturing the essential moments! Highly recommend!            - Nikhil and Nikita

We had the pleasure of working with Vitaliy and Vlad for our intimate wedding in September 2021 and again for our larger wedding reception in March 2022. There are not enough words to adequately express how talented, hard working, and creative their team is. They have an intuitive understanding of Indian wedding customs and took the time to understand our families’ wishes regarding capturing key moments of the ceremony and celebrations. They also went out of way to get to know us and our families on a personal level, and as a result we felt so comfortable trusting their creative vision for us. We had so much fun during our couple shoots, and the credit for how happy and relaxed we looked on our special day goes to them. They truly created magical memories for us, and we look forward to working with them again and again for many more special moments in our future. We are happy to speak more about our experience with anyone seeking more information.

We love you Vitaliy and Vlad!                         -Sonia and Herman

Please see the Indian Wedding Albums Here:

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