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This Ethnic Indian Photo Session Will Have You Looking Back

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

It's not rare to have an amazing story unfold in front of our eyes. After all, the movies have made us accustomed to it. But what is not all that frequent is living through a story through images. This one is amongst my favorites. Sunset, wilderness, and two hearts burning bright for each other.

Guyanese Indian couple sitting in the fields in Cleveland during sunset on a summer day
Our story begins with care and attentiveness that Amrita has towards Krish. True love.

Indian couple walking down the road near Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway on their photo shoot.
Welcomed by soft evening sunlight and endless natural elements, we arrive to the meadows.

The Indian bride walks into her husbands arms.
Ah, she walks into his embrace so effortlessly.

Punjabi groom kisses the bride on her forehead in the middle of the meadows near Cleveland
This Kiss....

The other view of the kiss from Krish the Indian groom
...Deserves a second angle.

Guyanese Indian bride lays down her head on grooms shoulder as they are sharing a moment in the fields of Rockside Railroad Station
Ah, soft reaction to such a beautiful moment.

I love it when things turn playful.

Groom fixing brides garland.
A little TLC from the groom here as we adjust garlands.

Focus on the groom as he helps the bride with the Indian traditional garlands.
He is a caring man.

A moment

So perfectly


Come here babe.......

bride and groom close-up.
That's more like it.

We move through the wilderness

Through the tick-infested brush

To the place where we can have another laugh together.

And share that enigma that has us thinking of each other; day in and day out when we're not together.

That look and stare

That's met with nothing by adoration

We move together, laugh together, and cry together.

Then we take a rest, surrounded by nothing but the guys with the cameras :)

I know, by now you're wondering, is this for real? I love this shoot!!!!

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