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Indian Wedding in Vancouver, BC

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Navin and Puja are down to earth people with genuine hearts. This is the most complete Hindu Indian Wedding experience that I can offer to you. I dare you to embark on this journey if you are ready to experience 36 different stories spanning four days. This wedding did not just take place in Vancouver, BC Canada, but also in Cleveland, Ohio @ the Intercontinental Hotel. Enjoy

Indian couple dancing in the be archway
Vancouver is a great photography destination. With its architectural elements and mountainous landscapes. This must be my favorite part of Canada.

Indian girl showing the henna on her hands
Here's our bride prepping for Sangeet. Her Mehndi is done masterfully.

Indian wedding dancing night all ladies
This night is all about dancing. But we had plenty of other things going on like a henna artist painting on hands.

girls are dancing as the guy comes over to the party
Our groom comes over to all the partying.

Indian ladies dancing and taking formal portraits in an album layout
Don't they look lovely?

detail shots of accessories and Indian wedding dress along with bride putting everything on in an album layout
Now on to the main day. Preparation shots. I love the pink colors chosen for her wedding dress.

headshot of bride
Gorgeous bride

Groom sits in an armchair by the window
I like the tone this shot sets for the groom. But don't be fooled, he's a really nice guy.

an album layout groom getting ready for the wedding
Now that we are introduced to Navin, let's explore this friendly guy in more detail.

couple overlooking the harbor with a small aircraft water landing in the background
The area overlooking the harbor. We got lucky and had a water landing of small airplane.

groom walks the bride down the stairs to a downtown backdrop
He's walking his girl down the stairs. Look at all the blue buildings and artwork- it's definitely themed.

in front of bamboo wall the bride and groom shots on an album page
A little direction goes a long way for making couples naturally take over and just be themselves.

groom dips thee bride slightly as they rehearse their wedding dance in downtown
Reflections of a dip during the dance recital.

three photos of consisting of closeup of bride and grooms hands, the bride and groom full height portrait and a shot of the bride with groom in foreground
We get to spend a few hours together, create some memories, what's not to love about your day of the wedding photoshoot.

man kisses woman's hand in a close-up
The detail is striking

group shots of the couple with guests and family on a layout
A few formal shots before we proceed to celebrations

collage of more portraits from wedding reception depicting family and friends along with the bride
So many significant people at Indian weddings. I take all requests gladly and readily.

newlyweds portraits against a pink themed decor in a collage
As we arrive at the reception we initially try to get all the family portraits done first. It doesn't take much time if done efficiently.

series of photos with Indian dances at the marriage celebration
What a fun part of the wedding.

multiple shots of special dance performances for the bride and groom
Mother and father of the bride put on a really funny dance performance. I remember the laughter after the moment in first photo

Multiple images of all people at reception dancing with the sticks.
Here we can experience Dandiya, or Indian stick dance. Two lines are formed, people on opposite sides hit each other's sticks in choreographed movement.

outfits and jewelry is placed all around the hotel room
We begin day three once again with detail shots of the outfits.

Collage of everyone helps the bride get ready into traditional Indian outfits
Everyone participates in helping the bride get dressed. You may recall Nikita (Puja's sister in the images one the right) I did her wedding a few years prior to this one, follow the link at the end to check it out.

Bride looking down at her hands that are painted with ornamental work called Mehndi
This Mehndi artwork is surreal, but what's even more surreal is the beauty on the right.

close up portrait of bride fully dressed in Indian outfit by windows of hotel room
Natural light portrait makes for even more natural images.

groom gets dressed for the wedding in series of images
Meanwhile groom got ready at parent's house. It's ok to have one photographer as sometimes it's possible to capture these images sequentially.

group shot of grooms family outside the house
At times I create the group shot outside the house. This one is taken from across the road.

two Indian sisters getting ready for wedding, one helps tidy up the other on album page
We can see how much Nikita cares for her older sister. They both share laughter as she tidy's up her sister.

half body shot of Indian bride with her reflection in the mirror
Mirrors let us capture more detail in a single shot. Of course plenty of detail here.

groom prepares to ride the horse to the ceremony site in series of images
Once again we experience the Baraat. Groom rides a stallion to the wedding ceremony.

groom on horse in wide shot approaching a big mansion
With Brock House in the background the crowd is close to the destination.

wedding rituals on multiple images with groom and the families
We arrive and some rituals are due.

parents of the bride bring the groom to their daughter, fabric separates bride and groom
It's the bride's parents that walk him to the mandap, or ceremonial tent.

outdoor ceremony proceeds with flower girl and ring bearer along with the bride arriving at the site
the little pumpkins on the bottom left steal the show, but here Puja arrives and the cloth is lowered to reveal bride and groom to each other.

multiple images of bride and groom at Indian ceremony, bride and groom exchange the wreaths
The couple exchanges the wreaths and get tied together.

fisheye photo of bride holding the groom surrounded by family in ceremonial tent of Indian wedding
These visual wide angle shots really put you right into the middle of the action as this Indian Hindu ceremony proceeds.

bride and groom dropping grains into the sacred flame at Indian ceremony
This flame consists of many different components to get the right scent. Bride and groom drop different organic food items into it.

finalizing the ceremony of Indian wedding
things are finalized here

bride feeds the groom, groom feeds the bride, and they exchange the rings.
Rings are exchanged and bride feeds the groom, vice versa.

grandparents bless the bride and the dot is painted on forehead of the bride
Now it's the family's turn to show some love to the bride.

Portraits of family members
Some portraits following the ceremony. We took some of them inside the Brock House.

group portrait of families of bride and groom after ceremony
If it looks like a fairy tale it totally is a real life fairy tale. A little magic can really bring everyone together for a group portrait.

mom and dad bless the bride and groom as coconut is shattered in a separate shot of Indian traditions featuring rolls Royce
Very emotional moments, can't stage these to be so perfect- they are candid. You can see how mother and father of the bride let go of their daughter.

man and woman stand on the side of a rolls Royce she puts her arm around him.
Sharp image of the couple by the Rolls Royce. Brock House in Vancouver, BC is a great place to have your ceremony.

husband and wife sit in the back seat of a car looking towards each other
Navin and Puja sit in the back of the Rolls Royce as they are about to leave the ceremony location. It was raining so the droplets created additional effect on the car window.

Indian bride and groom run down the beach with yachts and mountains in the background
When gifted with an opportunity to capture such a beauty, excitement must match the location. They run down the beach with masts of the yachts in the background.

Indian couple sits on the log with mountains, harbor and multiple ships in the background
What a great scene. I love experiencing these types of moments with the couples. North Shore mountains and multiple ships add to the overall appeal.

cake and table decor at the wedding
This wedding has two wedding receptions, we are on reception one that took place in Canada. These are some detail shots of reception hall.

Entrances into the reception hall multiple shots of parents, siblings and the couple
Entrance was energized. Notice Navin no longer has his beard. It is common for a groom to shave at Indian weddings.

bride and groom cutting the cake
They cut the cake.

wide shot of bride and groom dance at the wedding reception hall
And first dance, notice how beautiful is the couple of course, but also the lighting.

bride and groom continue dancing with different moments of the dance displayed on the collage
These dance moves are just spectacular.

Father dances with his daughter in multiple images on an album page
Father daughter. Once this one is let go, no more girls are left in the family besides the girl that stole his heart to begin with.

mother son dance
And mother son dance

an album page of speeches for the bride and groom
These speeches are especially important because they are told by the closest members of the family.

group shots of entire family on dancefloor of reception hall
A couple of nicely positioned group shots before we rip this floor to pieces.

multiple shots of performances and dancing guests at the wedding reception
Performances, dances and partying like its a frat party- I love Indian weddings.

series of images from the wedding reception
We round up the night with some more shots of our guests and family members.

bride and groom are by the ledge, there are four images describing their interactions as he ends up kissing her hand
You may recognize CLE. Yes, this is how we started the second half of the wedding. Wade Oval has many elements that can be used as props for interesting shots like these.

newlyweds hold hands and walk away down the path that leads to a lake
University Circle area by Case Western Reserve is beautifully landscaped for these simple but effective "walking-away" shots.

half body shot of an Indian man and woman rehearsing their dance
More opportunities to rehearse the dances. Cleveland Art Museum with it's marble walls creates a soft backdrop to this romantic idea.

bride and groom sit on the ledge as they joke around
I put couples in these creative spots to create opportunities for them to enjoy each other. I mean, it's normal for couple to sit on the bench and embrace each other, but if they are sitting on a high ledge any wrong movement could result in consequences- great opportunity for creating fun.

Ballroom with tables is decorated for a wedding reception
Intercontinental Hotel and Banquet Hall is a great place for this Indian Wedding Reception

detail shots of cake, table settings and reception hall
Ice sculptures, floral arrangements, uprights, it all comes together to set the mood.

bride and groom walk in and their fathers give speeches
The walk-ins and the words of wisdom from the fathers.

multitude of images of bride, groom and parents cutting the birthday cake
This birthday cake for the father of the bride is cut with Indian traditions his loving wife feeds him. That belly dancer girl is very talented.

newlyweds cut the wedding cake and feed each other in a collage
Now for the main sweets, sweet little couple cutting the cake right there.

bride and groom dance in the dry ice fog.
This is the second first dance so you're seeing the pro's right there.

group shots of family members with the couple at the banquet hall
Family group shots, whether close-ups or full body photos are a must for my Indian clients. I find the best place and light for these.

group shots of wedding guests
And the rest of important people. There were a ton more images that were taken, but you can see how this book is already 72 pages long.

bride and groom almost about to kiss
We complete our beautiful wedding of Navin and Puja with this finalé shot. It was taken earlier at the Wade Oval, but with camera mastery I made it look like it's dusk.

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