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Ohio Fall Engagement Sessions Rock

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Somewhere in Olmsted Falls, a charming American town near Cleveland, OH there hides a true gem of a location for an Engagement Session photos. With bright outfits contrasting against autumn foliage these images truly deliver the perfect pre wedding day experience for the happy couple. Throughout this visual journey I'm linking the locations to where the photos are taken, but most of them are done at

Look at the fashionista at work! Madisen picked the perfect colors- Amazing!

A special spot by the Moosehead Hoof & Ladder what a view of that railroad bridge!

In the end, it's the experiences that will breathe life into your photos...

A Perfect Portrait!

Like in a movie, hazy sunset, warmth, and love.

Just frolicking down the path over a stone bridge

Yet another magical location- and that reflection is so vivid.

It's not the moment we hugged and kissed, it's your helping hands when we got up...

We can create unimaginable story and tell it masterfully. We only need a chance

A ring shot should be all about the ring in the context of the two of you

Remember when you laughed like that together? You'll remember this time for sure!

We finish up our journey at Charles A. Harding Memorial Covered Bridge

An engagement session is the perfect way to get to know your photographer!

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