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Michael and Ilona CLE Wedding

Young couples are fun to work with, their openness to experimentation is complimented by my creativity. The wedding consisted of a reveal moment on a swing, multiple locations around downtown area, a Parma, OH location and some great night photography (yeah, we zealously went after the results). Cleveland offers many opportunities to those who seek, my experience with this city will surely take you to the funnest spots on your wedding day. You will find just some of the pages from their wedding album here:

Bride and groom sit on the grassy field at west creek reserve in Parma, OH
Sitting in the meadows of West Creek Reserve in Parma, OH. This is my go-to location when I'm shooting in Parma.

bride on a close up portrait with full accessories
Ukrainian beauty Ilona. Look at all the different accessories that compliment her personality

bride surrounded by bridesmaids helping her put on the shoes in her parma home
Girls that care. Bride will be the happiest when all of her girlfriends care about the wedding. Though not every bridal party cares, Ilona is lucky to have this bunch.

girls walking down the towpath trail between trees with their bouquets and arms linked
Though we did a reveal and went to the Towpath Trail on Rockside Rd. later, I rearranged the chronology a little to make more logical story.

groom hugs his mother and father in their parma home.
My favorite shots are the ones that feel right. This family photo from grooms morning sure gives me that feeling.

groomsmen and groom walking with their jackets over the shoulder down the towpath trail
Casually walking down the Towpath right by Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway these groomsmen are looking sharp. Once again a little chronological rearranging does the trick.

four photos on a collage with groom sitting on the swing as the bride approaches him from the back
Ilona knew she wanted the reveal to be around the swing area but she didn't know I'd make Michael sit on the actual swing and await her arrival. As you see the moment looks really fun.

portrait of bride on the swing and groom near her outside the parents home in the green garden
I am a firm believer that simple traditional portraits are actually something that will never age. My style gives you both, timeless, and trendy.

bride and groom walk across the bridge with bridal party in the back.
Everything comes together when we arrive at Lock 39 of Towpath Trail. This location is my favorite in Valley View, OH

bride sits on the railing of the bridge as her groom holds on to her, greenery in the background
Would you trust him enough to hold you like this? Beneath this bridge is Cuyahoga River.

bride turns back and looks at her groom that's carrying the wedding gown with bridge in the background.
I love that look that Ilona gives Michael. You can experience affection couples have for each other by just taking a step back from them.

bridal party walking through the field with trees in the background at cuyahoga valley scenic railway rockside station
These shots with the whole bridal party taking walk together with arms linked get special direction from me. Afterall, it has to look natural and action-packed.

groom carries the bride in his arms as bridal party cuddles in the backdrop
He carries his princess away from the crowd. All of these beautiful spots are Rockside station of Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway in Valley View OH.

bride is standing with flowers in the foreground as groom is out of focus in the background in the middle of tall grass
Shots like these look best when they are told as part of a story. Next image compliments this one to make left and right side of the wedding album page.

groom holds bride waist as she holds flowers behind his back and laughs because he said something funny into her ear.  in the middle of meadow
There, what a beautiful moment, this kind of shot could even make an amazing wall print on it's own, but it's even stronger when you have the shot that precedes it.
Father walks the bride down the aisle, wide angle view from behind.
Father walks his daughter down the aisle of a church to be wed. This wedding blog post will only feature 3 shots from ceremony and reception, but Michael and Ilona got EVERY shot digitally from me. Sometimes couples opt for more images of the two of them in their album as they'll get all other shots via download.

bride laughs as speech is given at her wedding reception, groom is right by her.
Newlyweds at the head table of reception. This is at the Ukrainian Church of Evangelic Faith on Broadview Rd. in Parma, OH. This Ukrainian church has a hall on the lower level.

bride and groom eat the wedding cake at the reception hall in a four shot album layout
Yet another image from reception. I felt this was a fun one to include. Ilona kind of gently smashes the cake at the end of what seemed like a relatively calm cutting of the wedding cake.

Bridal party comes together in front of Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of fame for their full height wedding portrait in Downtown Cleveland
Another classic, but notice how everyone looks connected and not a bystander. It's important to have bridal parties come close together. The Cleveland Downtown backdrop compliments the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen tuxes. Notice how nice Rock and Roll Hall of Fame looks from here.

groom holds bride by the waist as they stand in front of orange backdrop and share laughter.
So at one point the area in front of Cleveland Science Museum had these giant orange snails in it. We seized the moment and created this gorgeous exchange between bride and groom. I will tell couples all kinds of silly things to get them to react like this.

groomsmen at the bar with a reflection in the ceiling.
Bier Markt has a speakeasy and that place is terrific for these types of shots. It's worth mentioning that no one in this photo drinks :). That reflection is not photoshopped, just took a little effort to find it.

bride and groom close to each other right before they kiss at Bier Markt bar of Ohio City.
This is at that same Speakeasy of Bier Markt in front of a chandelier. these close-up photos of our couple really add romance to this wedding production

groom lifts up his bride in the air at night with a ship in the backdrop of this Cleveland scene
That ship is actually a museum called Steamship William G. Mather Museum. I love the mood as Michael picks up his bride.

bride and groom dance in the night by the chandelier in playhouse square
It's these types of shots at Playhouse Square that I'm really proud of. It looks real, it looks amazing, and chandelier looks big. Notice how the Chandelier repeats the body of the bride, do you think they thought of it when designing it?

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