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Roman and Karina Wedding Album

Once in every while a couple is so driven by desire to have good memories that they make their wedding day all about making those memories. I present to you a partnership, a synergy, and an artwork created when you wholeheartedly trust me to produce more than just photos.

The groom picks up the bride by textured metal wall on a sunny day, they both laugh.  depicted is the peter b. lewis building of case western reserve university cleveland oh
The images you will see here are the pages of the album that Roman and Karina got from me. The title page and a lot of other stories will feature textured walls of Peter B. Lewis Building of Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

bride adjusting the necklace in close up shot
Now let's dive into the details of the day. At her mom's home in Parma, Karina's room had a beautiful purple wall that came in perfect for her prep images.

bride three quarter of the body shot with purple backdrop
With just a little direction we get a beautiful 3/4 shot. Notice that this image compliments the close-up shot on previous page.

Karina sits on the chair by the window as she smiles while wrapping herself in the veil
I love to tell stories on the wedding day, stories should be left up to the observer to be read. Photography, unlike reading text, leaves the entire context of what happens up to the viewer to decide. We pain vivid pictures with our mind of what the person is feeling, thinking, and what goes on outside the frame.

bride face close-up
This image completes the previous two shot sequence with a close-up. Isn't she gorgeous?

bride sits on the porch of her parents home laughing
She knows she's about to meet her dad for the first time on the day of her wedding. He's about to see what her dress looks like, this is certainly a joyous moment with much anticipation,

father of the bride walks the bride away from the house as mother looks at them
Finally mom and dad come out and he guides her away from the place where they had an entire life prior to her being given away.

portraits of bride with her siblings and parents in an album collage
I look to bring everyone as close to each other as possible. These 5 girls in the bottom shot are all sisters, she's lucky to have all of her family together for the wedding day.

group shot of bride with her family
A little instruction from your photographer and we build something genuine and exciting. Seeing family this happy makes my day.

grooms tie and tux being put on in two shots on album page
Now we visit the groom for his morning photos. I like to keep it simple and brief for the guys as they generally prefer to have a little less photography than their ladies require.

close up portrait of groom
Loving man, happy to become a family man. Great look
bride in the veil leans against railing as she anticipates grooms arrival
Ah, the girl is waiting for her prince charming to take her away.

bride approaches groom as they see each other for the first time on the day of the wedding
Ukrainian weddings like this one almost consistently have a reveal moment in the morning because of the photography being all finished up before the ceremony. So Karina approaches Roman Here.

each bridal party member with respective partner
And now the troublemakers, no really. I generally don't take photos of bridal party members with their coupled-up partners because not everyone is a couple, but in this case at least one is a couple and one is family so it's a go signal for me.

bridal party surrounds bride and groom by the table outside in a candid looking moment
We found a cozy little place along the way to Case Western Reserve University and created this impromptu group shot.

groom kisses the bride on the cheek and they share laughter as they stand next to some foliage.
Classic moment between bride and groom, notice we are just walking the streets and create things as we go. None of this was pre-determined.

groom holds the brides dress while she looks down reflectively, they are both walking down a street by CWRU
She still has fresh feelings from the fun moment they just experienced, so you see excitement still present in this photo as Roman helps Karina carry the dress.

girl embraces her man before they kiss
Soft embrace before a kiss.

girl wraps herself in veil as she laughs by Peter b Lewis building wall of metal shingles
The voyeuristic feel of this shot of Karina makes it feel as if she's a butterfly, free and happy to be flying.

groom hugs the bride from the back as they hold hands and laugh together by textured metal wall
Possibly my favorite shot here. It is about here that I saw that I was out-doing myself.

bride standing with groom in the background
She walks away

girl looks back at her guy in the background, they are both in wedding outfits
...and prompts him to follow her.

bridal party stands close together
When I sandwich everyone this close together we are bound to have some silliness happen. It's clear who steals the show for a moment here and makes this shot come to live.

bridal party holds each others arms and stands facing the camera in full height shot in front of metal wall
As formal as it gets with me. this is just so we have that clean and classic bridal party shot.

bridesmaids close together in group shot sitting on concrete ledge, they are wearing pink dresses
The girls get their group shot here, I like to tell them to start gossiping on purpose and someone surely takes it seriously to make everyone laugh.

bride with each girl individual portraits on wedding album layout
A must have for me at weddings- bride with each girl, especially if half of bridal party is family.

groomsmen with groom in series of portraits by gothic building door
Now here is the troublemakers part. I mean, look at them rascals! JK good bois

groomsmen look back at the groom
As we walk away I have them all look back towards the groom.

portraits of each groomsman with the groom
Aaaaand the single shots with the groom. Just so everyone of them has a portrait with their friend.

newlyweds in portrait with family members
We didn't get to do these shots of all of the family combined earlier, so we catch up later in the day.

two shots of bride and groom with each side of the family
and two individual shots of Roman and Karina with their respective parents, these are actually out of chronology but rarely I like to place things in logical order.

bride approaches the groom in tall grass and she falls into his arms
So city of Parma has a BMV on Chevrolet and Snow. If anyone is local they'll know what I'm talking about. Just behind the BMV is the junkyard, and separating the two is a little segment of these tall grasses. Guess what?

groom holds both of brides hands and they put their foreheads together in a shot with tall grass in the background
We go right in and create a whole shoot in this little run down area. Roman holds Karina's hands as they come close together.

groom carries his bride, she wears high heels and fluffy dress
He carries his princess away. I get asked about this location every once in a while, but it's just a little segment between a BMV and junkyard.

the couple rubs noses against each other as he carries her through the meadow
Such a beautiful moment requires a close-up shot. It's all about isolating the couple from everything else.

bride sits on top of the limo as groom pulls up towards her
What else can we do in a parking lot of BMV? We can have the bride and groom get on top of the roof of this Hummer Limo and we shoot them against the skies.

bride and groom sit on top of hummer limousine as he holds her hand with overcast skies in the background
No need for a perfect location, need perfect affection.

bride sits on driftwood with huge piles of gravel in the background at wendys park
After the reception (which we kept out of the book along with ceremony) we head on to Whiskey Island Wendys Park in Downtown Cleveland. Industrial zone along with huge "mountains" of gravel make for a great visual effect.

groom holds the bride in sunset sun by piles of driftwood and water.
I have them get together and share this beautiful moment

bride walks around the groom a couple of times as he gets closer to her
Here I asked Karina to walk around Roman a few times and see how he feels after that.

bride and groom in the sunset by lift bridge
it all comes together here with a view of Lift Bridge No. 1 over Cuyahoga River

bride and groom stand with the sun at their feet.
The sun is at your feet. He kisses her hand gently as they come even closer together.

bride and groom stand by each other closely holding hands by lake Erie on Whiskey Island Cleveland OH
She eclipses his sun. Beautiful silhouette of bride and groom overlooking lake Erie

groom spins the bride in the night with Cleveland downtown in the background
But we didn't quite finish there. This location is right by Viaduct in downtown Cleveland. I had him spin her fast while being backlit

couple stands in downtown with Detroit-superior bridge in the backdrop being lit up blue.
And the finale shot by Detroit-Superior bridge lit up blue at night.

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