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Shawn and Taylor Engagement Session

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

This wonderful shoot took place at the Toledo Botanical Garden Metropark. Shawn is a calm and shy guy while Taylor is quite energetic- perfect duo.

girl holds on to her fiancé as she almost falls they both laugh
A gentleman will always catch you if you fall

A picture of engagement ring as the couple kisses in the background
I love this type of images because they are artistic. When displaying a ring, why not include the couple as well?

Guy and a girl sit on the ledge of the bridge to a fall backdrop
Alright, this shot is uniquely funny, is it just me or does it seem like it's Shawn's legs hanging off the ledge? ))

woman sits on the ledge and holds on to her man as they both smile
I believe classics must be created regardless of how much style you try to bring with your photographs. It's hard to imagine earlier ring shot on the wall because it's just too creative and it doesn't feature both of the people's faces. A shot like this one on the other hand is great for a wall prints

a couple is walking through a bog, he holds her hands, there's a reflection of them in the water
A bog obsession? YOU BET! I am just about as obsessed with these naturally green areas with still water as a photographer can be. Beautiful greenery and vivid reflections in the water, what's there not to love?

girl and guy from above, they both smile as she hugs him tight
Another perfect portrait! But this one is truly candid. I love being able to balance myself on ledges and railings because I can create shots like these without a drone.

woman and a man sit on the bridge and look each other in the eyes, water is rushing under the bridge
Another vantage point. Look at how natural these photos are because of simple direction that I give to the couple without invading their vibe.

a couple are standing with their backs towards a tree, they look at each other and laugh
Ok, so when I was starting out as a photographer I had this feeling that shots where the couple is by a tree are too cliche to capture. Well, I matured out of that thinking. Have you ever tried to involve a tree in your outside activities together? Hug it together, grab each others hands while tree is between the two of you, lay down your heads on a tree- do something with a tree and see how your energy interacts with nature.

girl is picked up by the guy as they link their arms back to back.  Beautiful foliage in the background
I know... WTF? But for real, this is more fun to do than it actually looks, and is easier said than done :)

girl resting on railing as the guy is looking at her from behind, they are both laughing
I like silly little things like this. I'll give a little direction and the lovebirds take off like eagles from there.

Man and woman walk away with their backs towards camera to a backdrop of colorful trees
The amazing thing with me is variety that you get. I'll create things that don't quite look like each other. Enjoy the creative process!

future bride and groom walk towards the camera on meadows
Simplicity of this shot along with background - foreground elements create an effective part of the story I'm telling. Look at how wonderful the expressions are here.

the couple hold each other by metal art pieces
We all love shiny things, but Shawn has found his shiny thing that shines brighter than everything else in his life. Beautiful chemistry between two people in love.

girl and guy hold each other in front of yellow foliage tree
Just breathtaking.

girl and guy look directly in camera on a close up photo
Now just be honest, does this one look boring after all the visuals I've been giving you? I know, I know, it's not as visually striking as other shots, but it's a classic and therefore couple gets a shot like this from me as well.

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