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This park has to be the "Gem of Columbus"

The couple sit on the ledge of the bridge holding hands, they both are dressed in blue there's a beautiful creek behind them
We revisited this location because Doug and Sally absolutely loved the spot and the idea behind the images. To get this view I had to climb up on the opposite side of the bridge (typical Vitaliy move)

When I was told by Doug and Sally that they want both their wedding and engagement session pictures done in Columbus I of course immediately said: "Done!" I am shooting their wedding in March of 2023 so we had plenty of time to create these beautiful shots. Naturally easy going and excited to be together these two are an invincible duo. Every image shows how much love and care they have not just for each other, but also for their photographer :). After all it's not easy to follow someones direction without questioning the motives.

The Inniswood Metro Gardens delivered a beautifully manicured landscapes with a lot of natural components and boardwalks through the forest. Enjoy these beauties.

Girl sits on the guys lap, he's holding her and she has her hands on his hands.  She wears blue dress for this engagement session, he is also wearing blue.  They both have blonde hair
I love starting with portraits. They are excellent ice-breakers allowing us to bet acquainted immediately.

close up of newly engaged couple
A little closer...

guy hold a girl by the waist as she puts her hand on his chest in half body shot
As we walked to the first spot I made sure all objects like phones and keys were in my pockets, you don't want photos with a giant phone in your pocket.

guy holds girls hands as she stands in front of him under a pavilion roof of a park in columbus ohio
Now that I have us relaxed- the fun begins. We start out with an innocent directed shot.

girl laughs as her man embraces her and wraps his arms around her
Just a little direction and we are on our way to "Candidland"

girl is laughing as her fiancé hold her tight in his arms
And story told.

A couple sits on a stone bench in the middle of the forest on a sunny day
So we went to this spot and it ended up being soggy. No worries, Doug immediately realized it's time to carry his princess across the bog.

girl and guy close up sitting on a bench with grassy fields in the background
I love getting a close-up of anything beautiful.

a couple sits on boardwalk back to back
This spot saw some more action that my couple got as part of hundreds of images that I delivered to them from this shoot.

Girl and guy stand in the middle of a garden arches of Inniswood Metro Garden
We drive this session home with simplicity. A mix of portraits and candids, and following whatever my clients want.

a vantage point shot of girl and guy standing together in a sunny weather with beautiful landscaping in the background
Keeping eyes open like pro's... sunny photos are rad, but tough to get.

girl and guy sit together on the bridge
There, we revisit this bridge.

guy and girl sit on ledge budding foreheads together romantically holding each other
But this time it's different....

guy is smiling at camera while girl turns her head laughing.
This time they are full of colorful emotions from all the love they experienced.

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