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Steve and Andrea Engagement Session

Steve and Andrea had to book me despite it being more than 100 miles of travel to go to their engagement shoot in Toledo Botanical Garden. As you may notice this photographer travels for e-sessions. Now, back to business:

latino girl is walking with her African American fiancé through the botanical garden, she holds his hand as she turns back and looks at him.
Walk through a botanical garden on the day of engagement. It was a beautiful summer day, we lucked out with weather.

A man is in the background looking towards his woman, she is wearing a beautiful blue dress
Just like good wine an amazing image needs a pairing. We stay away from cheese though, no one likes cheesy photos.

latino girl with an African American man sit in the garden for a portrait
I know I could have started with this straight forward portrait of the couple, but what fun would that be?

a couple is running towards the camera in the meadows it's golden hour
I love directing my couples to run towards me for a photo. It's full of life, cinematic and athletic experience.

a man and a woman run while holding their hands for the engagement photo shoot in the field.
As an added bonus, it loosens everyone up. You may notice now that this session will be a series of 2-photograph stories.

a man is about to kiss a woman across the lake with vivid reflection in the water for engagement shoot
Every shoot needs a reflection. I always try to find them, here, I was on the other side of the lake for this shot. Good thing my lens reached the couple nicely.

future husband and wife sit on the bridge back to back while having fun
I call these little series a power play. I tell the couple to push back at each other as hard as they can on a count of three.

a latino girl is sitting with her back towards an African American man on a wooden bridge as they share laughter and joy.
One, two, three and they push harder than each of them expected of the other. It causes some great laughter.
a man holds his tie around his neck while a woman looks back at him.
Are these series of two stories doing anything for you? I love telling stories using people. Because people tell their own stories in the end, they just need a couple of hints here and a couple there. Like here, I asked him to "look cool for a shot as he holds his tie".

girl and a guy laugh as they sit in the brush
Well... you can only look cool for so long before your true fun-loving self surfaces and causes your loved one to break out in laughter.

Girl and a guy sit on a ledge by the pond
Using a wider lens for the same scene as before creates a beautiful scene setting shot. I love thinking like two photographers.

girl and guy hold each others arms as they walk through a park together on a hot summer day
She be looking at him like he's Superman. Ladies, you hold the key to bringing out the best in your men- true story.

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