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We start our journey in not so distant past... 5-14-2016 Eric and Valerie

Updated: May 2, 2022

One thing you absolutely must have at any wedding is fun. It's not always you that will be having fun; sometimes it's your drunken uncle that will be having fun, kind of at your expense as he talks about you peeing your pants when you were 3. Nonetheless- From the giant keg of beer to the Cleveland Browns bus. Enjoy this wedding where everyone had great time (including me).

Bride and groom by the fire engine.
Eric and Valerie are an amazing couple sharing their love for people and each other. It's no surprise that Eric is a fire fighter and Valerie is a speech pathologist.

I love the genuine feelings that show during this time.  The morning of the wedding father and mother of the bride really show their love for the daughter
Bride's Morning. The feelings that mom and dad have for their daughter really show during these times.

All the shots of bridal attire.
Wedding gown and details of wedding attire.

Bridesmaids with the bride the morning of the wedding
Love creating unique shots of the bridesmaids with the bride

Yeah, loooots of bridesmaids here... :)

groomsmen with groom doubles
I get a portrait of every groomsman with the groom.

groomsmen walking
You may recall thee movie Reservoir Dogs. This shot is inspired by it, but honestly, I've never seen it myself lol

groom carrying a keg of beer
So what we see here is that you really can't have anything without booze let alone your wedding :)

groomsmen laughing over the shoulder shot
just another angle. gotta think like two photographers all the time.

walk-ins wedding ceremony
I enjoy having all the walk-ins they really show everyones emotions.

bride coming down the aisle
Here comes the bride, notice how many emotions are running through everyones hearts.

bride and groom looking at each other at outdoor ceremony
That look.... Love outdoor ceremonies btw.

hands of newlyweds with the ring being put on.
Got in soooo close, the ring shows perfectly here.
kiss at outdoor ceremony Olmsted Falls, OH
The kiss... This ceremony is in Olmsted Falls, OH

bride and groom walk out of ceremony after being married
Yeeeeey! We are married!

couple walks out the the guests cheers at their ceremony in Olmsted Falls, OH
All guests react to the newlyweds.

bride and groom walk out as the bubbles are being blown by the guests
Bubbles will always be a fun way to greet the newlyweds.

family portrait newlyweds and their extended family
My portraits CANNOT be boring, period. :)

Close-ups of family members and the couple
These are best experienced as close-ups.

Olmsted Falls Covered Bridge Bridal Party
Olmsted Falls covered bridge

bride and groom from above in a vantage point shot
Vantage point is a must, as long as we have an opportunity to capture it.

bride and groom by fire engine
Not every couple can get photos by a fire engine, but a brave fire fighter can certainly arrange such a shoot for his lady.

bride and groom with bridal party background at first energy stadium cleveland browns
These are great shots. We do, however witness the power of alcohol in turning people red :)

First Energy Stadium bride and groom CLE Browns
CLE Browns stadium

wedding party at the progressive field Cleveland Guardians
Forget the boring shot, let's do something like this

Cleveland Browns Party Bus First Energy Field
Cleveland Browns Party Bus

bridal party walks into the reception hall
Reception walk-ins

Bride and groom raising arms as they walk into reception hall
Let it begin!
bride and groom cut their wedding cake and feed each other
sort of self explanatory here...

toasts for the newlyweds
The toasts, I love that moment she shed a tear.
Bride and groom are dancing their first dance at the reception hall in Olmsted Falls, OH
If it was just one dance, who would you rather be with?

mother son and father daughter dances on album layout
I think the mother-son and father-daughter dances really stole the show here.

bouquet toss and garter toss
We throw the bouquet and finish up formalities. Hey, by the way, the screen you see in top right image is Kodak-Moments Same Day Slideshow that I do at weddings.

wedding festivities at the reception
Pro tip: don't get hit with a marital aid during the reception if someone launches it, yeah, it was me, I ran straight into it looking into the camera as it was flying by. Don't ask how it made it's way into the reception.

Bride and groom in Cleveland downtown on a stormy day
The finale shot should always be a wow shot. I thought ahead of the game here and captured it during the day. Through masterful camera work I made day look like an evening.

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