Bridesmaids in taupe dresses looking at each others laughing during summer wedding at Catawba Island Club Port Clinton Ohio.

Vitaliy is a phenomenal photographer. He has a passion that not many in the field have. You can tell immediately that he’s not just there to take the standard gimmick shots. He will immerse himself in the scene, find creative angles, and bring out your absolute best...                    -Mitchel M


The Exciting

A photographer with bubbly personality means that he's cheerful and talkative.  He must think like a director and an actor all at once.  Giving direction when the couple needs it and taking direction from the couple when they need to be heard.


The Elegant

Every wedding could use a touch of elegance so yes, we'll be creating some timeless beauty.  

Think dramatically lit bridal portraits.  We'll capture stylized images that will result in variety.


Meanwhile, remember the guy who climbed the castle wall to

get the shot? NO, because like who does that:


The Editorial

Nothing spells out photography like catching the uninterrupted moment.  My approach encompasses every style of photography including editorial.

There's time to interact, and there's time to step back and observe.


The Family

We're making one, so let's pay respects to the one that made us.

The International

Travel expands our world view.  We enrich ourselves with cultures that are different from our own and we gain acceptance for what's different.  Vitaliy has shot in Santorini, Greece, a few times in Mexico and other countries like Spain, Canada, and Ukraine

Meet Vitaliy- (not) your typical wedding photographer

481 21.jpg

My journey begins with my mother naming me with the most complicated name she could come up with - bless her heart.

But such is the reality of being born in Ukraine, we invent names that cannot be pronounced by 90% of the world.

With a great name like this comes great responsibility for in Latin Vitaliy literally means "lively".  This liveliness is what fuels our explosively fun wedding day experience.  Because let's face it, you don't buy photos, you buy experiences that were masterfully captured using well seasoned (15 years) set of skills.

It's like having that meal of your life at an expensive restaurant.  The candle light, the pianist that seems too old to exist but he's still kicking and the music is just intoxicating.  The chef whose passion you can only experience right here.

What I will offer you is not only the outcome, but a radiant body of memories complete with emotional experiences.  My approach will draw circles around your relationship closing in on what is truly the chemistry that binds you together.

It's not just a wedding day, it's not just an engagement, it's an organic partnership that yields results so unique you couldn't get them elsewhere.

Photo + Video, They Are Just Better Together

Past 10 years have been transformational.  Ever since Vlad (my cousin) joined my team and became my cinematographer we have been delivering complete Photo & Video experiences to our couples.  It's hard to imagine a better duo than the two of us.  He's incredibly talented and mirrors my work ethic which makes videography with us a safe bet.  Here is what it looks like when you combine two passionate artists:


Wedding Photography

  • Vitaliy as your photographer 

  • Wedding day planning and consultation 

  • Password-protected online wedding gallery

  • High-resolution digital images provided via download. 

  • EVERY IMAGE comes with TWO distinct enhancements- natural and artistic.  Forget about stressing over which look you prefer.

Copy of engagement holding her up_edited.jpg



  • Exclusive photo session with Vitaliy

  • Up to two hour timeframe

  • All images provided in two distinct enhancements (natural and artistic) via download in full resolution

Image by Hester Ras

Cinematography & Videography

  • Cinematography is our specialty! 

  • Highlights Reel included

  • Same-Day-Edit included

  • 2 videographers

The Two Looks For Each Photo

Introducing a brilliant solution to having your cake and eating it too: have two cakes 🎂+🎂=🎂🎂

But really, have you ever caught yourself in a dilemma: "which style do I pick?  I like some of these photos because they look so natural, yet this other look is so artistic and trendy, I want it all!"  Well, the reality with Vitaliy is you are getting it all because every single image that you get will have two enhancements, you get two galleries from Vitaliy.  Move slider to check out two distinct looks of this engagement photo:

The Beginning of Our Journey

All the wedding related stress ends now.  There's a pilot that has flown this route over 400 times and he's ready to welcome you aboard!  Every step of my process is carefully crafted to make your wedding photography experience seamless.  From the booking to the moment you hold your masterfully designed album.  But our first and most essential step is to check your wedding date:

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