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A few pages from Anthony and Courtney's album.

Anthony and Courtney decided to get married around the holidays because they both found it to be special time of the year. Here are just a few pages from their wedding album.

Bride and groom stand at the Hyatt Regency hotel in the Old Arcade.  They are backlit by beautiful lights and ornaments.
The Old Arcade. What a special place to get married. When the weather is not suitable for outdoor pics, couples come here to create some masterpieces. Of course this place is all about Hyatt Regency Hotel that's situated here.

close up of the bride smiling in the wedding dress with a warm scarf around her.
Courtney looks gorgeous here. Notice how the colors around her compliment her eyes.

father daughter reveal in three shots on a wedding page
The father reveal. Notice the reactions here.

groom adjusting the tie in the background while groomsmen are in the foreground adjusting theirs.
I used the groomsmen to frame the groom in this shot.

Groomsmen having beers with the groom they are all wearing red ties.
Now that the guys arrived at the Arcade, we have a couple of beers and a little bit of last minute men talk.

Bride approaches the groom in 4 shot layout of wedding album page and taps his shoulder as he turns towards her and dips her.  They are surrounded by golden decor and holiday ornaments.
Now the main moment when Anthony sees his bride in her wedding gown. These are perhaps the most exciting moments to capture during the wedding day.

Bride and groom look towards each other as they walk through The Old Arcade in Cleveland, OH
Beautiful moment to feature. He's being a gentleman by carrying her dress for her.

bride and groom walking down the indoor arcade as their reflection is seen on the left.
I seek reflections whenever I can to enhance the end result with variety of images.

Bride and groom stand on the stairs surrounded by members of bridal party, everyone looks up for this vantage point shot.
Bridal party surround the bride and groom all wearing holiday red colors.

multiple shots of bride walking in along with family members as the groom looks towards her in anticipation.
We fast forward through a few pages and get to the walk in's look at Anthony's anticipation. Courtney is genuinely excited as her father seems like is holding his breath for a moment. This moment is usually emotionally heavy for the fathers of the brides, but it can also be not too easy on the mothers too.

Bride and groom exchange rings and vows at their ceremony.
We read the vows and exchange the rings here. Look at that side-eye that Anthony gives his beautiful girl.

bride and groom kiss and they walk out of the ceremony.
The kiss and the announcement. Easy! By the way, the ceremony and reception were both held at Windows on The River in downtown CLE

Reception hall decorated with holiday colors and the trees have lights on them
This hall was re-decorated quickly to accommodate for the reception. As we see the holiday themes keep resonating throughout.

images of reception hall decor with a shot of the cake with holiday lights in the background
Everything was done right at his wedding. Themes were present throughout the day and the cake looks fantastic.

bride and groom arrive and cut the cake on an album layout
Yeeeeey! We arrive and cut the cake. Rarely I get couples that play nice for the cake (most of the times it's a smash job)

bride and groom during their first dance at Windows on The River
Dance moves like no others. I love seeing the couples in motion especially if it's completely natural and candid.

newlyweds are dancing and they kiss on an album collage
All the favorite moments of the dance are here. The lights make for an amazing display behind them.

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