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A wedding at Outdoor YMCA in Lake County

Newlyweds sit on the dock by the bog, the groom kisses the bride

When you're an outdoorsy couple having your wedding in woodland location is the best thing to do! That's why Donald and Sharae chose the Outdoor YMCA Lake County in the Cleveland suburb of Perry for their wedding ceremony and reception. Enjoy the funnest reveal I have ever captured for a couple (courtesy of Donald's creativity).

African American bride is getting ready for her wedding at her Cleveland home. In a series of images she's putting on the ring, ear rings, and getting her dress put on by her maid of honor.

Bride wearing beautiful wedding gown and a hair piece is looking out the bright window while sitting on a table.

groom putting on his hat, belt and shirt in a collage taken at Skeggs Lodge in Perry, OH
I found an interesting light source at the place where the groom was getting dressed, then I used it to get these dramatic shots.

Groom puts on the hat in dramatic lighting

The groom puts on a fake mustache for the first look with his bride.  She approaches him through the woods at the Outdoor YMCA in Lake County, OH
This is what I was talking about in the beginning. Donald decided to put on a fake mustache to entertain Sharae during their first look.

Walking through the woods after the reveal between bride and groom on a hot September day
We walk away together after that fun exchange.

Bride and groom walk on the shore of a mountain river, he holds his jacket over the shoulder as they look at each other

Newlyweds are walking on a rocky shore of a river during the day.
Driven by simplicity and sharp definition it doesn't take us much effort to produce these amazing photos.

Bride and groom kiss behind his hat while sitting in the brush by the tree on the shore of Chagrin River
Great chemistry between all three of us :)

Bride is looking towards the groom as they are laughing together in the brush of the woods next to a river.  He's holding an umbrella

Guests and bridal party along with the groom walk into the outdoor portion of Outdoor YMCA in Lake County
We get to the ceremony location which is also located at this YMCA in Perry OH

Over shoulder shot of African American dad walking his daughter towards the outdoor ceremony location.
That look, I love that look!

rings are being exchanged and the vows are being read by the couple

Wedding ceremony is finished up and the bride kisses the groom as he notoriously raises his arm in celebration.

Formal bridal party shot with the bride and groom, the girls are in navy blue dresses with burgundy scarves and boys are wearing grey.

Portraits of bride and groom with the family members outside the lodge in a suburb of Cleveland
I like portraits with nice and tight crops.

Bride dances with her groom at the Skeggs Lodge, he dips her at the end of the dance.
I swear this is the most serious I've seen Donald like ever. He's usually quite lively and always has a smile on his face.

In a series of close-ups bride is dancing with her dad as they are having a dialogue, and the mother of the groom is dancing with her son.
Notice how amazing the lighting is on these close-ups. I like having the lights for these.

the cake is being cut and the toasts are being said at the wedding reception

Dancing and partying shots at the wedding reception in a lodge.
Notice how much fun we packed into just one page of the album

Man is looking towards his woman by the campfire in the night
We sat by a fire in a small group of people as I snapped this shot of them enjoying the warmth of being together forever.

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