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Hannah and Kyle get married in Akron

What if the guy next to you right now is your cosmic match? I usually start by saying a match made in hell, but whoa, hell just don't produce such energy and affection for each other. So these two cosmic twin spirits are surely a match made in heaven. This beautiful wedding reception takes place at Kent State Hotel.

Bride getting ready with the bridesmaids at Kent State Hotel
The story begins with all the beautiful ladies helping our bride.

Close up shot of the bride getting ready at Kent State Hotel and Conference Center, her mother and sister are helping her with the veil.
Isn't she just stunning? I love getting these close-ups.

Bride and her father hold hands in a portrait of the whole family with mother of the bride and sister surrounding them.
I am brokenhearted over the passing of Hannah's dad. I will never forget receiving the news and the shock that I experienced. This image carries special meaning to me, I was there, I was happy, and I was with happy wholesome family. This is how I want to remember it.

Portraits of bride's family at a suite of Kent State Hotel.  Shots with flower girl are also on this page of the wedding album
The little one is significant part of Hannah and Kyle's newly forming family, she is their little daughter.

Bride with her maid of honor and each bridesmaid in individual portraits on album page
Every girl gets a spotlight

bridal party image on balcony of Kent State Hotel in Ohio
I actually ran outside to take this group shot. See, Hannah really loves Kent State, she graduated from there and having an image that shows more of architecture of this hotel meant something special.

Groom with all groomsmen in individual portraits collage

The groom with his mother, daughter, and father in law in an album page
I enjoy having such warm encounters in the wedding album

Bridal party walking into the church for a wedding ceremony in Akron, OH

Series of photos where bride is being walked down the aisle by her father, the groom reacts with thrilled look, bride kisses her dad and takes grooms hand.
Priceless reaction, I always try to get both the bride walking down the aisle and the groom's reaction

Wedding is being officiated by a female priest

Bride dress shot from the back groom kisses her and they walk out of the church

The newlyweds walk out of the church to bubbles and rejoicing guests
How exciting!

close up of the couple walking out of their wedding ceremony by the church
It's moments like this that show me how much emotions go through the couple

group shot of bride and groom with their respective parents by a red door leading to the church
Though generally a formality, it becomes so much more when everyone is happy.

group shots of bride and groom with family members

bride and groom with daughter share laughter while sitting by the chapel

bride with bridesmaids holding flowers, groom with groomsmen holding jackets and a big group shot of all bridal party by red door in Akron, OH

Bride and groom sitting on ledges next to a river then they make their way up the stones in wedding album page

groom holds the brides hand as he walks her away from the river surrounded by stone walls and structures

All of the wedding members are walking into the reception hall to music and laughter
Maaan... I see at least two lucky guys here, one is walking the bride, and the other one is being carried by two bridesmaids.

Bride and groom cut the cake at their reception in Kent State Hotel

groom dances with bride on first dance, then he picks up the flower girl and they all dance together
The little one keeps stealing the show, but no one minds, everyone is radiating with love.

Bride dancing with her father and groom dancing with his mother in a collage

a series of images featuring guests and bridal party at the wedding reception taking place in Akron

Final photo of the bride and groom with some lights in the background
We took a walk out of the reception venue for a finale shot

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