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Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower Wedding

bride and groom hold each other in a portrait

Sarah and Robert decided to keep all of their wedding day festivities at the same place. Marriott at Key Tower created a beautiful experience for the newlyweds with comfy rooms featuring plenty of interesting elements for photos. This is among the last weddings that was shot at their hall before the renovations entirely changed the place.

Bride putting on an earring and sitting on the dresser for a reflection photo.
Reflections add interesting visual effects to the photos.

Lady doing finishing touches to her wedding gown before the portraits
Some final touches before the portraits with all the ladies.

Portrait of bride with her mother and maid of honor at the hotel room.
All the most important ladies in Sarah's life.

Ladies with the bride all wearing red dresses in close up portraits
And of course the besties. Look at that red!
All the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk in along with the groom
Bridal Party

Father walking the bride.
That "I'm coming honey" shot.

Father hugs the groom and the bride on an album page
It's always touching to see the father give his daughter away.

Bride and groom hold hands and smile at each other with officiant in the background
I always wonder what it is that couples experience at this precise moment.

half body shots of bride and groom holding hands at their ceremony.
The bright light fills the room as they proceed to saying their wedding wovs.

Shot of bride and groom with guests in the background over the officiants shoulder at Marriott Key Tower.
Rarely, I get emboldened to capture a shot like this. I have to walk into the spotlight for a brief moment to capture it.

groom looks at bride over her shoulder
Though not the first marriage, it's certainly the right one. Just look at that look.

bride looking at the groom during marriage ceremony
And the sparkles in her eyes.

Bride and groom exchange the rings and kiss each other on a collage of images.  Bright window light is filling the room from behind them.
Look at that man hold his wife for the first time.

With downtown Cleveland in the background Robert holds Sarah's hand as they finalize the wedding ceremony at Marriott Key Tower Hotel.
Raising hands to celebrate the moment.

Three shots of bride and groom with different family members.  They stand in front of a full height window overlooking Cleveland downtown.
All of the portraits were done right away not to keep guests waiting. Notice how amazing the location is overlooking CLE.

Bride and groom with mother and father of the bride along with the rest of bride's family in a full height portrait at Marriott at the Key Tower in Cleveland, OH
Just the way things should be, pointed toes, hands on each other, the whole family feels whole.

Bridal party wearing red with rose bouquets in a full height portrait with Veteran's Memorial Plaza in the background.
And the bridal party. We kept it super simple and elegant at this wedding.

Everyone sitting at the tables of a wedding reception held at the Key Tower.
A wide shot to put you straight into the celebration.

Details of wedding cake and other accessories before the start of reception.
Closer look at that gorgeous cake. YUM.

All of bridal party walking into the reception held at the Marriott on an album page
Finally the walk-ins. If the bridal party consists of dear friends and family it's definitely worth having in the wedding album.

Toasts and the kiss with evening Cleveland downtown as backdrop.
The roast, I mean the toast. Yes.

Bride and groom cut the cake and feed each other.
I think playing nice also has it's advantages.

Bride and groom in motion after feeding each other the cake, about to hug each other.
I think this gives it away, they didn't play all too nice during the cake cutting.

Newlyweds approach the dance floor for the first dance as husband and wife.
It's time for the first dance.

Groom holds his bride as they dance and experience joy and laughter in close-up shots on a collage.
Perhaps my favorite shots of the day.

Many shots of bride and groom with the guests on a complete two page album layout.
When we finalize a book a lot of your favorite shots are added, while the less important images are removed. This layout certainly shows who matters the most.

couple laying on the couch together at the lobby of their wedding reception.
The finale shot is done just for this purpose, to make a beautiful end of the story.

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