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Kevin and Reesa Wedding Album

This is a great example of how simple a wedding album can be and still have a lot of impact. The wedding took place in CLE with prominent areas of our city shown throughout the book. Ceremony took place at University Circle United Methodist Church Preparations and reception both took place at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square, an IHG Hotel.

The newly married couple is standing by the sculptures looking towards each other in the Wade Oval area of Case Western Reserve University
Every book starts with a favorite shot of the couple. This one was capture in the Wade Oval right outside the Cleveland Museum of Art.
bridesmaids wearing asian pink robes surround the bride at the hotel room
The girls are wearing robes with a little asian "zing" to them, a robe shot is generally a fun idea if done properly.

all girls helping the bride put on the dress her mom is seen in some of the shots of this collage
Then we can dive into bride's preparations. These shots are all taken at the hotel room of Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square, an IHG Hotel

Filipino bride at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square in a close up shot wearing her gown
There, a gorgeous girl in her wedding gown.

Individual shots of the bride with each bridesmaid on a wedding layout, little flower girl in the bottom right corner.
I like having this "yearbook" style layout in the wedding album. Look at that little precious in the bottom right corner.
layout with multiple images of bridesmaids with the bride in half body portraits girls in light pink dresses
Notice how we highlight the family members giving them larger image areas. I like doing this because it highlights the family.

groom and his detail shots of the watch and vest being buttoned
And of course the lucky guy! Kevin is a very forthcoming person with great positive personality and fearless attitude towards life. Completing Ironman competition is just one of his achievements

multiple shots of groom with each of the groomsmen in the hotel room
To be fair, I will include all of the guys shots so you see how we mirror things from ladies to gentlemen.

groomsmen with the groom in portraits, father of the groom is in main shot
Continued shots of groom with each groomsman. We are still at Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square for these.

bride is being walked into a church where the wedding takes place, the flower girl and ring bearer are in a separate shot of this collage
She looks a bit nervous, but he's surely blown away by seeing her. Ah, love is magical.

multiple shots of wedding ceremony at a church
You may notice I get in very close on some of these ring shots. I also like to get the parents reactions to significant moments that happen during ceremony.

bride and groom light the unity candle in church
Whether it's unity candle like here, or unity sand, or any other tradition I am glad you have traditional component to your wedding. It held significance to your parents so chances are you'll be glad you have these images.

bride and groom stand front of the cathedral
Ah, University Circle United Methodist Church - Now that's what I call a view. I love these old cathedrals for their timeless architectural beauty.
Groom kisses the bride in University Circle United Methodist Church
A great wide shot of the kiss.

bride and groom walk out of the church
They walk out to a rain of rose petals. What a view

bride and groom walk out of the church after ceremony to bubbles and a crowd of cheering people
This is where a little organizational magic needs to happen from the photographer. See, people like to scatter, so it's essential to bring everyone close to the entrance of the church for these beautiful crowd-filled walk outs.

vantage point shot of bride and groom kissing on the steps of the church in front of the crowd of guests
I know... how the heck did you get a shot like this? This type of images comes from two-step process. Step 1: get everyone close together before the groom and bride walk out. Step 2: climb up on a limo bus to take the photo :)

bride and groom group shot with all of their parents, close up
Some formalities are due, but we don't absolutely have to make things look formal.

shots of the bride and the groom with their respective parents by wooden doors
These are essentials in my opinion. I had fun putting mom and the bride into a prom pose, they look fantastic in that shot.

group shots with family members of the bride and groom, an album layout of 4 images
That little one could only be bribed with a lolly pop. I ceased the opportunity to grab a fun shot of her.

bride and groom with their dog
This little guy. He was in the engagement shoot as well. Got a furry friend? Definitely bring him/her along.

a shot of all bridesmaids walking with the bride as well as a couple of shots with family members on an album page
We wrapped up by the church gate and went on to Wade Oval nearby for some great shots of the bridal party.

groomsmen with the groom in a pyramid formation
I love making this fun for the guys. As guys we like to do guy things- climbing is a guy thing.

bride and groom kiss with bridal party in the background
We walk away from the bridal party and kiss for moment.

group shot with bride and groom outside in evening sunlight
Then we join the crowd for a group shot.

couple walking down the path towards the viewer
A walking shot of the couple again by the Cleveland Art Museum

bride and groom dance for the walk in
Now on to the more fun and laid back part of the day - reception at Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square, an IHG Hotel.
bride and groom cut the cake
Notice the little Iron Man cake on the side. This wedding was when CLE were NBA champs hence the cap.

best man gives speech and a toast at the wedding and bride and groom kiss on three shot album layout
The best man give the speech. As you see reactions are joyful.

Maid of honor toasts the bride with the groom laughing too
Love this shot of the sister giving a toast.

newlyweds doing the first dance
The first dance.

bride dances with her father
Father daughter dance.

mother son dance with mom being very emotional
And the mother son dance with some really emotional moments.

final shot of bride kissing groom by playhouse square sign
We sneak out for a quick shot by the playhouse square sign. It makes a fun end to the book, you know how much I like to have finale shots.

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