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Oberlin Wedding | Brian and Pamela

You can't mention Oberlin without thinking Oberlin College . When Brian and Pamela decided to take the next major step in their lives this location was dear to them. Enjoy this early fall wedding with a lot of love, unity, and affection.

Groom preparing for the wedding, various accessories are being put on by best man in an album collage

Every man needs a wingman. Because both bride and groom were captured at the The Hotel at Oberlin it made it easy to capture everything with just me shooting.

Close up of the groom smiling
A close-up shot like this is especially valuable to the groom, the bride and the parents. I have seen my images even make it to the Linked In profiles.

Maid of honor helping the bride put on the shoes
A caring maid of honor can make your wedding day experience a comfortable one.

bride getting her veil and other accessories put on by bridesmaids in series of images on collage
Now for the veil and final touches before we head out.

mother daughter half body shot with bouquet mom wearing navy blue dress
Mother-Daughter shot like this can make its way to the most coveted place in your mothers home.

back and front shots of the bride fully dressed in a gown with a bouquet.
Pamela is such a sweetheart. I love seeing genuine excitement for what's to come on her wedding day.

bride during reveal by some architectural pillars approaches the groom and they kiss in series of images
It's finally time! She approaches him and they kiss.

bride grabs the groom by the cheeks with adoration
I love handing it over to couples so they can make their own stories happen.

Bride and groom stand by red wall at the hotel at Oberlin.
We further explore the hotels premises looking for interesting locations. This happens to be a balcony.

man kisses his woman as they hold arms around each other in front of red wall
These are left and right page of same album layout. Notice the laughter that shows through the kiss.

bridal party walks with arms linked in front of architectural arch
I prefer attaching the bridal party later in the process so they don't have to wait for bride and groom as I work with them. Oberlin is so beautiful, truly a gem of Ohio.

Bridal party portrait, girls wearing blue dresses, ring bearers and flower girl by the arch at Oberlin
I know, why so many girls and just one guy? The response would be why not? We don't pick how many close friends we have.

newlyweds spend time together embracing and kissing each other by victorian garden
Classy and simple shots to create timeless memories. Note how beautiful is the architecture surround our couple.

newlyweds dance by the stone building and green trees
A step back from the action and everything gains intimacy like no other. Archways and pillars of Oberlin College are a perfect setting for a dance.

father walks bride through as stone chapel
Time for a proud father to walk his daughter through this charming chapel.

father finishes walking the bride down the aisle and groom and bride join hands in album layout
That look he gives her as she approaches the altar.

bride and groom far away shot in a chapel, with speeches being said in series of images
This page really let's you appreciate how beautiful the location is.

groom puts the ring on brides finger
The moment ring is being put on. I should probably mention by now that it's Brian's mother that's marrying her son and soon to be daughter in law.

bride and groom kiss at the fairchild chapel of Oberlin college

Fairchild Chapel at Oberlin College was the best possible location for this ceremony indeed.

Bride and groom walk out of the church ceremony at fairchild chapel

group shot of bride and grooms families together against a stone chapel
I love having shots like this one tightly knit. Perfect day, perfect light, perfect happiness.

group shots of bride and grooms family members, individual shot with flower girl and ring bearers in album spread
The closest family members get the same attention in these group shots just outside the Fairchild Chapel

large group shot of family and friends of the bride and groom outside by stone building
Sometimes the couple requests having this great group shot. It took up both pages of the wedding album.

groom holds the bride by the waist as she holds flowers and they smile at each other
We seize the moment and capture a few more images, just something different about how the couple looks after the ceremony from the time beforehand.

couple walking from the church they got married at
Another walking shot to finish up our shoot.
newlyweds walk into reception hall and cut the cake on a collage
The arrival at the hall. It's common for newlyweds to cut their cake immediately after being announced.

guests toast the couple
Speeches are given and reactions are captured.

bouquet toss, and party shots from wedding reception on a layout
When creating a perfect album for my clients I get to have them select which shots they really want in the book after my picks are evaluated. I can't guess what's most important afterall.

bride and groom at Oberlin College walking down the stairs with an umbrella
Though taken earlier in the day we saved this beautiful gem for the finale of the book.

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