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Your day could be as simple and joyful as this

the bride and groom sit on a log in a magical forest at Mill Stream Run of Cleveland Metroparks.  She's leaning back on him smiling and he smiles back at her.

How many times did you have to try your best for everyone but yourself? How many times have you heard the instructions on how things should be? Well, there's a time in life when we all mature into realizing that what truly matters most is us, because if we serve up ourselves to those that surround us what are we left with? An empty cup. Greg and Lisa decided to do a simple and rustic wedding in Cleveland Metroparks, look at how much joy and happiness everyone experiences when they truly make this day about what they want.

groom holds bride while standing behind her on the bridge with greenery behind them.
Crafting creative images is not an easy task. Some people are charismatic and very emotional, while others are shy. There is an approach to everyone.

striped tents were set up next to a building for wedding reception, it's a sunny summer day
The wedding took place outside in the tents. Ceremony was on the steps of the building on the left.

detail photos of the wedding decorations and guests arriving on a collage
Some elements of the wedding. It's fun how these tell us so much more about the day.

flowergirls, bride and her dad arrive at the ceremony, the groom is happy to see them in this album page
OOOOOk. I know, dad doesn't look too happy here. But is it really lack of joy or is it maybe worries and difficult feelings of letting his daughter go? We will never know, but I see a man that definitely loves his little girl.

Groom looks at the guests and smiles as the wedding is being officiated.  The bride wearing a headband with field flower bouquet.
That moment a bit of your happiness spills onto the guests. I love Greg here, he's truly enjoying this moment. She's happy to see him this joyful.

Over the shoulder view of smiling groom with officiant speaking into microphone.  He's looking at the bride and laughing at this Strongsville, OH wedding
Amongst my most favorite shots are the ones taken over the shoulder. I guess it's because we can clearly see from this angle what is being experienced by people during these key moments.

Over the shoulder shot of the bride, she's holding a beautiful bouquet and a band consisting of flowers while smiling at her beloved man
That look truly excites me. I see a lady that found true happiness, a companion that will share all adventures with her.

girl plays ukulele at a wedding while the family is watching.  the groom is about to put the ring on the bride
This girl is actually a professional ukulele musician.

the newlyweds kiss under the sheer fabric at their wedding ceremony and walk away with the flowergirls

bride and groom in half body portrait next to evergreen plants, they hold the bouquet together
Simple and classy.

group shots of all family and guests after the outdoor wedding ceremony in Mill Stream Run Park
I like having a bit more excitement in group shots. We get there with some crafty directions.

large group shot of guests and family with bride and groom in the middle
Larger group shots still look phenomenal with proper positioning.

group shots of family and friends of bride and groom
I am showing a lot of group shots to demonstrate that your wedding album can consist of anything your heart desires. If it's the two of you, so be it, if it's all the ones you love- no problems.

bride and groom holding each other behind some tall grasses at Cleveland Metropark
Through the grass shot. I haven't done selective focus shots like these in a while.

man and his wife are sitting on the grass in the meadows together, it's their wedding day so she's wearing a gown and holding flowers.
Takes a little trust to sit on the grass in your Sunday best. But hey, it's worth it in the end, for grass shots like this one I sit the bride on groom's lap.

Newlyweds standing in the tall grasses for half body portrait holding the bouquet together.
How different is this shot from the previous one, but they are both done in same place. Notice how we use the dark forest area to create contrast and make the couple stand out.

groom escorting the bride through the field with dark woods in the background, they look at each other and smile as they walk through Cleveland Metropark
We end the album on this beautiful note in the same place. No travels, no wedding reception photographs, no stress. This is your simple day.

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